aloha! im Erik

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aloha! im Erik

Post  Erik1495 on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:06 pm

hello my name is Erik, im 15, im from mexico, my english avarage luckily to me theres gogole translator :)ok thats it thats who i am i have a lot of ideas for the mod hopefully usefull to you guys. im willing to help you if i can i have no scripting,modeling,animating skills but im wlling to learn if some one points me in the right direction
my msn is and my xfire is erik1495 im a member of 2 Jedi academy clans: Caballeros de la fuerza and Latin warriors ok so thats it

im good at OJP v1.2 at MBII and ofc EoC and also what i do know is to make vids not perfect vids but thell do the trick to get more people interested on the mod i just need the new mod,actors, a SERVER and time ^_^


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